Experience the Enchantment of the Garden of Mykonos:

A Legacy Inspired by Yehudi Menuhin

Welcome to the Garden of Mykonos, a realm where time stands still, and enchantment thrives. This haven of timeless beauty and inspiration is a tribute to the legacy of Yehudi Menuhin, the renowned violin virtuoso of the 20th century. Prepare to embark on a journey that weaves history, tranquility, and awe-inspiring vistas into an unforgettable escape.

As you step into the Garden, you step into a world where echoes of Menuhin’s passion resound in every whisper of the wind. Here, amid tranquil surroundings, you’ll witness sunsets that have ignited the imaginations of generations. Unwind, reflect, and be captivated by the beauty that surrounds you, especially at our Sunset Bar.

Indulge in Greek Flavors and Award-Winning Spirits

Our Garden is a symphony of flavors waiting to enchant your senses. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of Greek herbs and flowers expertly crafted into exquisite cocktails at our Sunset Bar. These libations pay homage to local culture and invoke a sense of celebration. Alternatively, elevate your experience with award-winning wines and carefully selected spirits, each sip a toast to an extraordinary journey of taste.

A Legacy Reimagined: From Menuhin to Modernity

Sea View Lounge: Where Elegance Meets Authenticity

Discover serenity in our Sea View Lounge, a space designed to honor the natural allure of Mykonos. The fusion of elegant design and authentic charm creates an atmosphere that welcomes you to relish the present moment while honoring the past that has shaped this remarkable destination.

Journey Through Time: Our Narrative

The Garden of Mykonos is more than a destination; it’s a tapestry woven with cherished memories and captivating visions. From the wonder of a child’s gaze upon Megali Ammos beach’s sunset to the deep emotions stirred by Menuhin’s masterful performances, every moment here is a chapter in a story of connection and inspiration.

In 1962, Yehudi Menuhin’s first journey to Mykonos marked the beginning of a profound connection. His partnership with this land led to the acquisition of the chateau that now stands as the Garden of Mykonos. A legacy was born, nurtured by bonds that deepened with time.

The Kousathanas Family: Stewards of Tradition

Upon Yehudi Menuhin’s passing, the Kousathanas family—lifelong industry professionals and dear friends of the maestro—accepted the responsibility of preserving this heritage. Today, the Garden has flourished as The Garden bar, where historical integrity dances harmoniously with captivating decor, the allure of nature, and a symphony of exquisite delicacies.

Experience the Garden of Mykonos: Where History, Beauty, and Inspiration Unite

Allow the echoes of Menuhin’s music and the essence of this extraordinary island to captivate your heart and soul. Immerse yourself in a legacy of enchantment that transcends time.

From breathtaking sunsets to the symphony of flavors, every facet of the Garden is an invitation to experience an escape that weaves history, beauty, and inspiration into an unforgettable tapestry of emotions.

Retreat for the Soul: Where Serenity Thrives

Allow the Garden’s serenity to embrace you, offering a respite from the demands of the world outside. Every aspect of this oasis is crafted to enchant and delight, channeling the very essence of Menuhin’s passion. It’s a retreat for the soul, an invitation to bask in the beauty of Mykonos while embracing the tranquility within.