Garden Of Mykonos


Welcome to our Garden. This aesthetic place previously belonged to the famous Yehudi Menuhin, one of the most talented violinists of 20th century, whose passion and vision for life continue to inspire us.

Sit back and enjoy the tranquil surroundings and breathtaking sunsets.

Savour our delicious cocktails based on fresh Greek herbs and flowers, or try our award-winning wines and selected spirits!

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Sea View Lounge, refinement and authenticity

The Garden Of Mykonos

Our History

Everything old is new again and our legacy is a journey – a trek full of beloved recollections and visions – From a child watching the sunset above the cliffs of Megali Ammos beach, to the talented elder that shapes emotions playing his violin.

It all began when Menuhin -who had an enduring music life and the most extravagant career of any violinist of the twentieth century- came to Mykonos for the first time in 1962, with his American wife Diana .
During the space of many years they acquired their chateau which lies over the same land that you are relaxing right now and built strong bonds with the island and the locals.

After his death, its new owners,the Kousathanas family- all lifelong industry professionals and old friends of Yehudi Menuhin- took over the estate and now in it’s latest incarnation as The Garden bar, have breathed new life into this quintessential space.
Its historical probity now flourish under an oasis of beguiling décor,dazzling natural enviroment and enthralling delicasies.
All these glowing amenities are driven by the sagacious desire to enchant and delight our guests and channel them with a serene ambience of disconnection from the outside world.